What Lies Behind The Kitchen Door

Customer Support for Startups

Have you ever eaten at a restaurant and had a great meal? You may have sat down, opened a bottle of wine, and ordered a delicious meal with friends or family. The staff was friendly, the atmosphere was peaceful, and the food was delicious; just about a perfect night. 

The restaurant staff’s experience was quite different, with chaos lurking behind the kitchen door. The sweating and sprinting, the Chef barking demands, the timing of the appetizers and entrees; were all done with a smile. As a patron if you could witness what lies behind the kitchen door, you may have appreciated the meal even more.

behind kitchen door img

This experience is all too familiar for business owners.  Giving clients the best possible experience while frantically working nights and weekends to deliver what was promised. No matter the type of business, chaos is a constant when supporting customers and spinning multiple plates. 

Cooking a great meal is vital, and offering ongoing support for your product or service is the easiest way to boost retention rates. Many owners think of themselves as the first line of defense when supporting clients, spending hours on the phone and email, answering questions, and closing tickets. If your company is burdened with support requests and has an online presence, consider adopting a repository, or Knowledge Base, for customer support. 

A Knowledge Base is a repository of articles that answers questions about your product or service. Through User-Guides, Product Explanations, and Standard Operating Procedures, you can create a self-service platform that lets your customers find the answers they need. From there, you can direct your clients to the website for support. 

Once the Knowledge Base is complete, brand it. Incorporate fantastic UX Design & Writing to enhance the User Interface (UI). Incorporate the right look and feel for the articles, making them user-friendly and desirable. The better the design and writing, the easier it is for your clients to find what they are looking for and revisit your website. Finally, these articles can double as marketing content. You can root these articles into a new marketing campaign, giving your marketing team the content they need to attract new business. 

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