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Writing & Reporting For Executive Teams.

Quarterly business reviews (QBRs) for investment entities or board members are standard business practices for CEO’s. Being able communicate information in a way that resonates with stakeholders can enhance operational effectiveness and improve projections.

Executive reporting should be honest, accurate, and informative. The writing needs to incorporate factual data to voice accurate outcomes as well as provide forward thinking perspectives and ideas.

For CEOs, running a company is more than a full time job. Relying on its leadership team to collect data and prepare documents can help take the burden off their shoulders when it comes to business reviews or presentations.

Software suites can aggregate data and provide visuals. The writing should be handled by a professional writing team that can format the content and tailor the messaging to the appropriate audience.

Sales Docs For Founders

Starting a company from scratch means founders have to wear multiple hats. For smaller companies, writing marketing & sales content can be a heavy lift.

Having a a product specialist or engineer provide resources for product documentation is usually the first place to start. But no one knows a product better then founders. Being able to digest product documents and tailor them to a target audience can help with user adoption and outreach.

If your company originated on a streaming platform such as YouTube, chances are you already have hours of content in video format. Hiring a writer who can take that content and transform it into sales, marketing, or social media content can be a great way to develop docs without having to hire a marketing agency.

YouTubers, Influences, &  Media Personalities

Do you have a preexisting library of video content? Generate leads by transposing video to written content.

“Brilliant executives & founders  understand both the technical and business value of a product or service.”

Can Technical Documentation Boost Sales?

Being able to explain the technical capabilities of products and services will give users knowledge on how to implement. When it comes to selling into midsize or enterprise companies, return on investment are the reasons companies purchase.

Brilliant executives and founders can understand both the technology and business value. They provide a clear understanding of technical capabilities and business cases. They should also understand when large annual budget cycles are active, and do their best to tie leadership into those cycles.

Because larger companies often plan their budgets years in advance, its important to have a product that solves a need. Whether that need is to save money or boost performance, good technical sales documentation will be able to highlight “what’s in it for them.”


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Tech Products

Give people what they need to fully understand the capabilities of your products. Put that content out into the world and circle back around with real-time data and analytics.

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Tech Services

Create an ecosystem of awareness for your users, partners, distributors, and suppliers. Let them know exactly what services they can call on you to deliver.


Sales & Marketing

Speak the language of business. Drive sales and marketing by creating the right content for the right customers in the right industry.

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Design & Research

Present amazing user experience research and design content that articulates to stakeholders the value of research while using data to support your findings.