Documenting Results For
UX Researchers.

Sharing results of research is almost as important as the research itself. Depending upon the size of the project, sometimes research documentation can take longer to complete than the actual research. Having a team that can work with an organization to meet deadlines, goes a long way for UX Research teams.

Here Are a Few Examples.

A/B Testing

Method used to compare two designs against each other to see which produces the best result.

Cognitive Walkthrough

Used to identify usability issues by stepping through a task and considering the users perspective

Contextual Inquiry

Method conducted by visiting users in their natural setting and observing how they use the product.

Future Workshop

A method used to allow stakeholders to work together to create a vision for the product years into the future

Methods For Research Documentation

When documenting UX research for executives and stakeholder’s, its best to start with an executive summary. This should be the first page of your research. It should speak to the executive team directly. Consider it a summary of what the results, sharing key methods that were used. Results and significant action items should also be highlighted in a conventional, easy to understand manner. When it comes to writing, usually less is more. It’s important to get to the point. The rest of the presentation can articulate data and key findings that are tailored to the executive summary. Depending on the organization, these documents can be single pages, or dozens of well written and documented findings.

How To Select a Research Method

Each research method is able to answer specific answers to questions. While many methods can be open ended, determining what you seek to learn is the first step. As you move through the creative process, you should be able to identify the particular research method that best aligns to the users and products.

While much of research is aggregated with data, being able to explain the reasonings behind the methods is what stakeholders will be interested in. Most executives do not have familiarity into UX Research methods. It is up to the researcher to explain the methods used and articulate the processes and outcomes. 

Developing great research questions is the key to great UX Research. Knowing what you need to learn will make you research questions meaningful and strategic. Immersing yourself into the user and products can help you better create goals and objectives along with direction from a leadership team. 

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